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  1. Start a meeting 

    1. Start a meeting on a PC or Mac
    2. Start a meeting on an iPad or iPhone
    3. Start a meeting on an Android device
    4. Start an audio-only meeting from an iPhone or Android
    5. Invite people to join
  2. Join a meeting 

    1. Join on a PC or Mac
    2. Join on a phone or tablet
    3. Change your name (participant)
    4. Ask to become the presenter (Request presenter role)
    5. Resolution & full screen mode as a participant
  3. Manage your meeting 

    1. Share mouse control: Let others control your PC or Mac (remote control)
    2. Pass presenter: Let someone else show their screen
    3. Choose what to share
    4. Lock a meeting
    5. Pause a meeting (stop sharing your screen)
  4. Audio 

    1. Getting started with audio - guide for PRO and BUSINESS users
    2. Join an audio conference call
    3. Sound
    4. International conference numbers
    5. Use a custom conference number/bridge
  5. Video 

    1. Add video to your meeting
    2. Configure a firewall to allow video
  6. Recording 

    1. Record a meeting
    2. Recordings: Find, play, download, edit, rename
    3. Recordings: Share (link)
    4. Team Recordings (Admin console)
    5. Recordings: Storage space
  7. Apps  

    1. Download apps
    2. System Requirements
    3. iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch
    4. Android
    5. Problems updating?
  8. Whiteboard  

    1. Share a whiteboard on your iPad or iPhone
    2. Whiteboard tools
    3. Whiteboard gestures
    4. Whiteboard: Working with layers
    5. Whiteboard: Connecting objects
  9. Chat, transfer files 

    1. Chat with participants
    2. Send a file to a participant
  10. Personalize 

    1. Personal link
    2. Personal background
  11. Schedule meetings 

    1. Schedule a meeting from the website
    2. Schedule a recurring meeting
    3. for Outlook
    4. meetings for Office 365
    5. for Google Calendar
  12. Pricing, billing, your account 

    1. How much does cost? FREE, PRO, BUSINESS
    2. Do I need an account? Where can I get one?
    3. Manage your account (password, email, billing, receipt)
    4. Contact us
    5. How to cancel
  13. Teams of users (Admin) 

    1. What's BUSINESS?
    2. Introducing the Admin console for Admins
    3. Add users (Admin console)
    4. Roles: Owner, Admin, User
    5. Resend an invitation (user management)
  14. integrations and API 

    1. API
    2. Add a link to to a website
    3. Trello Power-Up for
  15. What's new 

    1. Release Notes for July 2016
    2. Release Notes for June 2016
    3. Release Notes for May 2016
    4. Release Notes for April 2016
    5. Release Notes for March 2016
  16. Security 

    1. About security
    2. Is HIPAA compliant?
    3. Remove someone from a meeting
    4. Can a viewer connect when I don't want them to?
    5. Whitelisting for
  17. All articles 

    1. Start a meeting on a PC or Mac
    2. Download apps
    3. Chat with participants
    4. Join on a PC or Mac
    5. About security
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