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  1. Getting started 

    1. New to
    2. How do I start a meeting from a PC or Mac?
    3. How do I start a meeting from an iPad?
    4. How do others join?
    5. How many people can join a meeting?
  2. Recording 

    1. How do I record my meeting?
    2. Finding, playing, editing your recordings
    3. How can I share my recordings? Link? YouTube?
    4. How long will it take my recording to process?
  3. Managing your meeting 

    1. Can I record my meeting?
    2. Will my meeting ever time out?
    3. How do I remove someone from my meeting?
    4. How do I end a meeting?
    5. Can I switch between monitors?
  4. Sharing control of your screen 

    1. Can I let others take control of my machine?
    2. How do I stop sharing control?
    3. While sharing control, I type something but it comes out wrong!
    4. During sharing, why can't I stay in full screen mode?
  5. Chatting and transferring files 

    1. Can I chat with participants?
    2. Can I see the contents of the chat after the meeting is over?
    3. How do I send a file to a participant?
    4. Why does it say "To chat, leave full screen mode?"
  6. Audio 

    1. How do I join an audio conference call?
    2. Getting started with audio - special guide for pro and enterprise users
    3. Is there sound? Internet calling?
    4. What's unified audio?
    5. Does offer international conference numbers?
  7. Apps for desktop and mobile 

    1. Where can I download
    2. I'm using a Mac. Can I share my screen with
    3. Can I use on an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch?
    4. Can I use on an Android device?
    5. Can I dial in for free directly from my iPhone or iPad?
  8. Joining a meeting 

    1. How do I join a meeting?
    2. Can I change my name when I'm the viewer?
    3. What’s “Scroll to zoom”?
    4. Can participants go to full screen mode?
    5. Can participants send files?
  9. Scheduling 

    1. How do I schedule a meeting?
    2. How do I cancel a meeting?
    3. Can I schedule a recurring meeting?
    4. Does a meeting appear automatically in my calendar?
    5. Can I schedule a meeting directly from Outlook?
  10. Personalizing 

    1. What's a personal link?
    2. What's a personal background?
    3. Can I add a link to on my own site?
  11. Managing your team of users 

    1. What's a presenter? How do I build a team?
    2. Why does it say a user with this email address is already a presenter in a account?
    3. What's AppGuru?
  12. pro 

    1. What's pro?
    2. Managing your account (password, email, billing)
    3. How do I run reports on meetings?
  13. Security 

    1. Can you tell me about's security?
    2. Can a viewer connect when I don't want them to?
    3. Whitelisting for
    4. Phishing attempts: How to recognize email scams
    5. How do I uninstall
  14. Troubleshooting 

    1. I can't start my meeting!
    2. I'm having firewall issue!
    3. I can't join!
    4. I'm getting Flash errors!
    5. Screen is black, blank or messed up!
  15. API 

    1. About the API
    2. login API method
    3. requestAuthCode API method
    4. requestCode API method
    5. download API method
  16. Release Notes 

    1. Release Notes for July 14, 2014
  17. All articles 

    1. Where can I download
    2. Can I let others take control of my machine?
    3. How do I join an audio conference call?
    4. Can I chat with participants?
    5. Can I record my meeting?
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