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  1. Video (beta) 

    1. Join the beta program - Video is here!
    2. Add video to your meeting
  2. Getting Started 

    1. New to
    2. How much does cost? basic, pro, enterprise?
    3. Guide to hosting large meetings
    4. System Requirements
    5. for Salesforce
  3. Starting a meeting 

    1. How do I start a meeting?
    2. How do people join? How many can join?
    3. How do I start an audio-only meeting from my iPhone?
  4. Joining a meeting 

    1. How do I join a meeting?
    2. Can I change my name when I'm the viewer?
    3. Can participants send files?
    4. Can participants go to full screen mode?
  5. Apps for desktop and mobile 

    1. Where can I download
    2. I'm using a Mac. Can I share my screen with
    3. Can I use on an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch?
    4. Can I use on an Android device?
    5. Can I dial in for free directly from my iPhone or iPad?
  6. Audio 

    1. How do I join an audio conference call?
    2. Is there sound? Internet calling?
    3. Does offer international conference numbers?
    4. Can I use my own conference number?
    5. Mute, chime, keypad commands: Controlling your conference call
  7. Recording 

    1. How do I record my meeting?
    2. Finding, playing, editing your recordings
    3. How can I share my recordings? Link? YouTube?
    4. How long will it take my recording to process?
  8. Managing your meeting 

    1. How do I pause my meeting? (stop sharing your screen)
    2. Can I change my name when I'm the presenter?
    3. Can I record my meeting?
    4. How do I end a meeting?
    5. Can I share a specific window?
  9. Chatting and transferring files 

    1. Can I chat with participants?
    2. How do I send a file to a participant?
    3. Why does it say "To chat, leave full screen mode?"
  10. Sharing control of your screen 

    1. Share mouse control: Can I let others take control of my machine?
    2. How do I stop sharing control?
    3. While sharing control, I type something but it comes out wrong!
    4. During sharing, why can't I stay in full screen mode?
  11. Your account 

    1. Do I need an account? Where can I get one?
    2. What's pro?
    3. Managing your account (password, email, billing, receipt)
    4. How do I run reports on meetings?
    5. How do I cancel
  12. Managing your team of users 

    1. What's a presenter? How do I build a team?
    2. What's AppGuru?
    3. What's enterprise?
  13. Personalizing 

    1. What's a personal link?
    2. What's a personal background?
    3. Can I add a link to on my own site?
  14. Scheduling 

    1. How do I schedule a meeting?
    2. Can I schedule a recurring meeting?
    3. Can I schedule directly from Outlook?
    4. Can I schedule a meeting directly from Google Calendar?
    5. Troubleshooting the Outlook plugin - Meeting not appearing
  15. Security 

    1. How do I remove someone from my meeting?
    2. About security
    3. Can a viewer connect when I don't want them to?
    4. Whitelisting for
    5. Phishing attempts: How to recognize email scams
  16. Troubleshooting 

    1. Trouble with a conference call?
    2. Why can't I see UAC messages when I'm a viewer?
    3. Trouble starting a meeting?
    4. Firewall issues?
    5. Trouble joining?
  17. API 

    1. API
  18. Release Notes 

    1. Release Notes for April 27, 2015
    2. Release Notes for March 4, 2015
    3. Release Notes for December 8, 2014
    4. Release Notes for October 6, 2014
    5. Release Notes for September 9, 2014
  19. All articles 

    1. How do I start a meeting?
    2. Where can I download
    3. How do I pause my meeting? (stop sharing your screen)
    4. Do I need an account? Where can I get one?
    5. How do I join an audio conference call?

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