What's a personal link?

Pro subscribers can create a personal link (or URL, if you prefer) that becomes a permanent join.me meeting room. You give the link to your friends and associates and say "Hey, this is where you can find me."

When they click your link they'll be taken to your join.me meeting. If you have an unlocked meeting in progress they join immediately, or they can knock to join a locked meeting.

How do I get one?

  1. Log in to your pro account.
  2. Open the Put the me in join.me section.
  3. Click edit link.
  4. Come up with something that no one else has come up with.

Quick Quiz! What's at least nine characters long and starts with a letter? That's right! A join.me personal link.

Important: join.me pro is required – paid or trial.

How many times can I change my personal link?

As many times as you want, as long as you have a valid pro subscription.

Can I create a personal link for someone else?

Well, then it wouldn't be personal, would it? That is, no.

Sample personal link 

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