How much does cost? Free, Pro, Enterprise? is free, unless you go pro or buy for your enterprise. Check the current pro prices at
Contact us to get a pricing quote for more than 20 seats or non-profit pricing. Email or call +1.877.251.8373 (US toll free).

What's free? free allows you to hold an unlimited number of meetings with up to 10 participants per meeting (one organizer plus nine viewers). You can chat with participants, transfer files, join the audio part of any meeting by internet (VoIP), and allow participants to control your computer.

What's pro? pro gives you everything free does, plus these premium meeting tools:
Plus customization options:Plus the ability to present files from your iPad:Plus management tools:

What's enterprise? enterprise gives you everything pro does, plus advanced management capabilities, including ADFS and AppGuru integration.

Are there additional fees for using the conference line?

Anyone dialing into the conference line may be charged by their telecom service provider according to their calling plan.

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